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No major impact expected from mega RoyalMount project on Montreal businesses

A city of Montreal commission says the proposed mega-project in the Town of Mont Royal known as RoyalMount won’t have a major impact on Montreal businesses.

The commission presented its findings on the possible impacts of the project at a public hearing.

It showed the mega-mall would have a small impact on downtown Montreal stores.

Businesses and shopping centres located near the project, such as Rockland Centre, Marché Central and Place Vertu will see “medium” impact.

“We will see as soon as the project will finish,” said Audrey Febvre, general director of Experience Côté-de-Neiges , a non-profit organization representing the area’s businesses. “I’m just concerned because they have a big offer on restaurants and a cultural offer.”

The developer also had the chance to present their project to the city and the public in attendance.

“I think it’s a chance for everybody to know better about RoyalMount. We didn’t have the chance to present it properly,” said Claude Marcotte, the executive president of Carbonleo, the developer.

Febvre said the presentation made the project more clear but argued “it’s a little bit useless,” because the decision was already made. The project has been given the green light by the Town of Mont Royal.

Traffic concerns 

The proposed project would be built at the junction of Highways 15 and 40.

“It’s one of the places in Montreal — in all of Canada actually — where there are the most traffic jams, so adding one car there is a concern,” said Éric Alan Caldwell, executive committee member responsible for transport and urban planning at the City of Montreal.

The developers proposed several traffic mitigation measures, such as adding synchronized traffic lights and rearranging the service road on Highway 40 towards Chemin de la Côte-de-Liesse east to add two more lanes.

The commission said the measures were good.

Carbonleo says it’s in talks with Transports Quebec and it will be willing to cover a minimum of 50 per cent of the costs.

The company would also cover the $22-million cost associated with adding an overpass connecting the De la Savane metro station to the development.

The Association des Sociétés de développement commercial de Montréal (ASDCM), an organization representing 16,000 businesses says it’s concerned about the message this mega-project is sending.

“Traffic, greenhouse gas, overconsumption… What values does adding another mega shopping centre in the heart of Montreal really support?”

The organization said it will be presenting a brief to the city’s commission next month.

Anyone who wishes to submit a brief or an opinion to the commission can register with the city before Friday, Dec. 7.

The next public hearing will take place on Dec. 19. The city will present its recommendations on Jan. 24, 2019.