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This new hyper-local, neighbourhood-focused market in Montreal is like a bookstore for food

Think of it as a bookstore for food.

Ton Quartier (907 boulevard Rosemont) is a new grocery store project in Montreal to sip coffee, talk, and browse.

Don't let the sleek and spartan look of it fool you: Each item's hand-picked to promote local businesses and sustainable agriculture, as one of this local market and café's missions is to humanize the customer experience (their words).

If this is the first time you're hearing about Ton Quartier, you'll be hearing about it again soon. Since opening its first location in Rosemont, two more locations are already planned for the 2021, starting in the spring in Pointe-Saint-Charles and followed by an opening downtown in the winter of 2021.

The idea behind Ton Quartier, started in 2019 but made reality by COVID in 2020, is to create both a market and a neighborhood café where people can stock up, coffee in hand, on dishes made from local ingredients prepared by local chefs.