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La Maison Théâtre's windows win the award for Montreal's craziest Christmas decorations (PHOTOS)

The next time you're passing through the Latin Quarter by night, go check out the window displays Maison Théâtre has set up called Fenêtre fantastiques, filled with a massive amount of toys and decorations across four showcases.

Running since December 18 and continuing until January 17, 2021 (specifically during weekends in January), the windows light up at night and the sound picks up: Inspired by subjects like mythology and chimeras the display is set up with its own soundtrack and recorded stories to go with the visual worlds the theatre has created from scratch.

Visitors can access the audio track for the windows by using WiFi supplied by Maison Théâtre and use the QR codes on the windows, and the theatre suggests you bring along headphones for better sound quality. If you've got kids, the theatre also has a competition and activities to do at home on their website.

Bonus for parents bringing their kids: A hot chocolate bonnus comes from Juliette & Chocolat around the corner, as they're offering free kids' sized hot chocolate with the purchase of a regular old-fashioned hot chocolate for yourself.