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The Year’s Most Exciting New Restaurants, According to Montreal Experts

As is tradition at Eater, we close the year by asking a group of food writers, bloggers, and others about town to weigh in on the year in food. Their answers — unedited (except for grammar) and in no particular order — will be revealed in several posts by the time the clock runs out on 2020. Here, they share which restaurant newcomers excited them most this year.

Joanna Fox, food writer, and associate editor at ELLE Canada: Beau Temps, Bucky Rooster’s, Joon, La Canting, Kamúy, and Touk (now closed).

JP Karwacki, Time Out Montreal editor: I’m both happy and finding it unbelievable to say that there was so much to be excited about. Montreal’s has the good fortune to still new projects like amazing sandwiches from Beau Temps you need to eat to believe, fried chicken from Bucky Rooster’s, Christian Manuel Ventura Alatorre’s double-whammy of Nopalito and Casa Kaizen, Paul Toussaint’s work at Kamúy, Chanthy Yen’s Touk project, La Franquette in Westmount, the tasting menus of Le Norest, and Salle Climatisée in Little Italy.

Iris Gagnon-Paradis, La Presserestaurant reporter: Despite the pandemic, a lot of projects still open this year. One of the ones that impressed me the most was Knuckles, in Villeray. Not only are their panzerotti really addictive, but all the pretty and delicious plates by chef Vincent Lévesque Lepage are really a win. Really inventive. Can’t wait to try the experience in the restaurant.

Alison Slattery, principal photographer, Two Food Photographers: Tinc Set was amazing! It was my birthday dinner and Alma was our anniversary dinner. My mouth watered at Bucky Rooster’s. La Canting, Gentile Pizza Parlour, Kamúy, and Salle Climatisée are on my bucket list and I am so excited to try them. (PS. Farah’s team at House9 designed the identity for Salle Climatisée.)

Jason Lee, food blogger, Shut Up and Eat: La Canting, Kamúy, J’ai Feng — I couldn’t pick just one. I’m super excited that this eclectic group of young chefs have been able to bring their international cuisines to the spotlight.

Clay Sandhu, food writer,Cult MTL: J’ai Feng! Anita has been on my radar for years, but I’d never gotten the chance to try her food until her month-long pop-up at Cul Sec. While she’s not exactly a newcomer on the scene, she is among the few young Chinese cooks working to demystify regional Chinese cooking. I look forward to seeing what’s next for her!