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La Pizza Week 2021 reviews

The 2021 edition of nationwide restaurant festival la Pizza Week continues through May 7, with over 100 Montreal restaurant participating (and delivering via Skip the Dishes). Here are reviews of seven Pizza Week offerings, most of them available exclusively this week:

In the Neapolitan pizza game, Pizzeria NO.900 hardly gets its due. Sure, with 25 locations across Quebec, you could argue that it’s garnered some decent popularity. But pizza snobs (among which I count myself), especially those who love Neapolitan pies, often discount it for being chain pizza. Well here’s my official stance: Pizzeria NO.900 is good. Is it the best out there? No, but they do a Neapolitan pie justice. The crusts are charred and bubbly and the flavour hits the spot nearly every time. It’s hard to ask for much more than that. 

To kick off pizza week, I popped by my old standard (there’s one around the corner from my place) to try out their offering: the Double Salami. There’s no mystery to this one, and if you ask me, that’s how I like it. 

This is a classic red-sauce personal pie. Served fresh from the oven, the double salami bears 900’s signature charred and bubbly crust. The pie is then topped with a copious (like almost too much?) amount of organic pepperoni from Les Viandes Bio de Charlevoix and covered in melted caciocavallo cheese. The pepperoni is loaded with fennel seed, which I personally love. And the caciocavallo, which is a firm, slightly nutty cheese, adds some depth to the pie (the way mozzarella wouldn’t) and ups the saltiness level, which is intense but just right for a pepperoni pizza. 

It’s not a revelatory pie, and you have to be a pepperoni fan, but during a week celebrating pizza, you could do a lot worse than the very good, very simple pepperoni pie from Pizzeria NO. 900. (Clayton Sandhu)