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This Extra-Tiny 221-sq-ft Apartment In Montreal Is For Sale For $130,000 (PHOTOS)

In Montreal's red hot real estate market, perhaps a little space to call your own is all you need. And when I say little I mean REALLY little. Like this extra-tiny apartment for sale in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve.

Though this apartment is just 221.95 square feet, it has enough room for all the basic necessities and then some. 

The unit is located about a 20-minute walk from the Olympic Park, the Biodôme and Viau metro station so the neighbourhood could essentially be an extension of your apartment in the warmer months. 

Alternatively, there's also a balcony for added outdoor space.

It's a studio, meaning it's basically just one room aside from the bathroom, but it also comes fully furnished so you won't have trouble finding furniture that fits.

The real estate broker called it, "perfect for a student or pied-à-terre."

A smaller space also means a smaller price point — at $130,000, it costs well less than the median price of a condo on the Island of Montreal, which is $400,000.