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Is Montreal the place to be for aspiring gaming developers?

Montreal has one of the most thriving video game markets in North America. Some of the world’s biggest developers have decided to set up shop here, and this has inspired a vast number of startups as well. Not only does the city represent a prime opportunity for aspiring developers to find work, but it also looks as though it will be a flourishing market for many years to come. Online gaming is huge in Canada, and developers will be able to forge paths in different offshoots of the industry.

Famous and lesser-known developers from the city

Gamers from all over the world will be aware of some of the developers that have their offices in Montreal. The biggest organization by some margin is Ubisoft Montreal, and this branch of the sprawling studio has 1800 employees. Two of the other biggest names are EA Montreal, which employs 500 people, and Eidos Montreal, which employs 500 people. Some other famous names include: Gameloft Canada, Beenox and Frima Studio.

Montreal has also become a desirable location for smaller mobile app companies. EA Mobile and Airborne Mobile are two well-known companies from the area, and these have inspired others to have their offices here too. Some of the businesses that have been doing well include Whimsy Games, Behavior Interactive, and Double Stallion games.

So what makes the Quebec City such a thriving spot for developers? One of the main reasons is that the government in the region has assisted these companies with tax breaks in order to stimulate the industry. In addition to that, the culture in the city has always centered on gaming and entertainment. One prominent figure in the industry, EA general manager Alain Tascan, famously said that the city has the potential to become the Hollywood of gaming

Gaming Industry Growing with Plenty of Opportunities

Another reason why Montreal is so rife with developers is due to the boom in the online gaming industry in Canada as a whole. In 2015, it was found that around 19 million people in the country said that they were gamers. This equated to approximately 54% of the population at the time, and since then this figure has risen. This is thanks to the increased options that players have in the country, with a wide range of things to choose from on every conceivable platform.

One of the most exciting branches of the gaming industry in Canada is online casinos. The flourishing market for this type of gaming is highlighted by the fact that there are sites such as CasinoGuide that have come about purely to help players find somewhere to play. This is a booming market, and there is always potential for developers to find a way into it. Indeed, online casino games could represent a perfect opportunity for budding developers to gain recognition.