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6 tasty shawarma places you have to try in Montreal

If you’re craving a heaping plate of a Middle Eastern-style shawarma, you’re in luck because Montreal is loaded with tasty options.

Whether you need a shawarma fix for lunch, a late-night pick-me-up, or a giant platter for dinner, Montreal will not let you down.

Shawarma is the process of grilling lamb, chicken, pork, or beef on a rotating vertical cone that cooks and caramelizes its outer layer. Different spots around the city pack the tasty meat into a pita, plate, or sandwich.

If you’re itching for tasty shawarma in Montreal, make sure these spots are on your radar:


Arguably the most popular shawarma spot in the city, Boustan started off as a late-night staple on Crescent Street and has expanded to various spots around the city.

Grab yourself a creation with garlic potatoes and you will not be disappointed.


This trendy spot in St-Henri serves high-quality shawarma served with homemade sauces (yogurt, za’atar, and dill), salads, fries, and sides like spicy carrots and roasted cauliflower.