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Starburst XXXtreme Ushers a New Online Casino Experience

NetEnt studios proudly presents Starburst XXXtreme for those who want to fly through space and reach for the stars. The game is a casino slots remake of the original Starburst game. The new game comes with several upgrades and attributes, including a significant increase in the potential win. It does have a lot of similarities to the original game because of the cosmic theme setup. The reels also feel like they have been placed next to the planets and electronic track. That adds to the sci-fi-type concept. 

Starburst Visuals and Symbols

The first thing players notice when playing the slots is the outer space background, so it does make sense that the themes include space, aliens, and gems. The reels have brightly colored gemstones and golden BARS, as well as lucky seven symbols. Interestingly the effects which are created when profits are generated are very engaging. A winning combination is attained by landing three or more of the same symbol on the adjacent reels beginning at the left. These symbols include blue, purple, yellow, green, and red, which may pay from 3x to 50x

Starburst XXXTreme Features

There are main features that draw the attention of the player in this game. That would be Random Wilds, Starburst Wilds, and XXXtreme Spins. Landing Starburst Wilds on the middle reels will trigger the wilds feature. The feature will expand to fill the entire reel, and as a bonus, the player gets a respin. If another Starburst wild is landed, the process begins anew. The multiplier at this level is from 2 to 150x. One can purchase XXXtreme Spins as a bonus buy and choose between two modes that guarantee that different amounts of wild symbols land. These land on any of the 2,3, or 4 designated reels. By activating this, it remains active until it has been deactivated again. One mode is 10x the bet which provides 1 guaranteed wild symbol per spin. The second mode is 95x the bet, and it allows two guaranteed wild symbols per spin. 

The game also adds a Random wilds feature which can activate at any time during the spin. If this happens, then three Starburst Wilds are going to be added to the grid. Fortunately, the wilds come with a multiplier as high as 150x. If the player lands three Starburst Wilds, it yields a multiplier effect of 450x. 

What We Think About The Game

Starburst XXXtreme is sure to be a significant hit with players due to the rising number of participants. According to AdAge the form of online gambling is consistent in popularity across all demographics except those between 18 and 25. Even then, members in this group consist of 15 percent of the population of contributors. It is a great thing as well that NetEnt's game is a sequel to a top-rated game that most slot players are familiar with. The charisma and the visual effects make it stand out from the others. It is not just a cheap rip off though. The symbols that do land the same as in the past iteration come with new quirks. For one, random wilds is initiated at any time following a re-spin or spin, and the player gets between 1 and 3 Starburst Wilds. Basically, 450 times of maximum luck is a potential at any time in the game, increasing the anticipation and excitement. 

There is no bonus feature within the slot, but one can get huge winnings at any time during these spins. The fact one can get 200,000 times their bet is also a significant advantage towards the sequel's appeal. There are not many games with a similar potential maximum win that approaches even 150,000 times the bet. Starburst XXXtreme is just what the doctor ordered for the majority of gamers. It is available for both desktop and mobile platforms, so it is easily accessible. Techguide also confirms that quarantine practices are still being practiced in several countries despite the increase in vaccinations, which may continue for some time. That alludes to significant time being spent indoors, potentially playing games. These circumstances for interest in games such as Starburst XXXtreme. It also helps that the game is an engaging adventure that generates excitement at every turn.