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Could NFT be the ultimate player advantage in online gaming?

Title: Could NFT be the ultimate player advantage in online gaming?


If there’s one thing that can be said with certainty, it’s that non-fungible tokens, a.k.a NFT, are causing a big stir in the online gaming world. As you may have noticed, the NFT word has been getting lots of traction in media and gaming news, leading people to wonder if NFT could be the ultimate player advantage in online gaming?

While some experts say that NFT is here for the long run, others see it as a short-winded trend that will eventually die. Nonetheless, we can’t deny its current impact, and one thing that stands for sure is that the industry is taking advantage of it. 

In the world we live in today, we are constantly witnessing robust growth in the cryptocurrency domain and blockchain technology. With that said, NFT gaming offers a lot of benefits to both owners and players. Some of the main advantages to players include transparency, a secure environment, and ownership of in-game assets. This goes for all of the gaming industry, including online casinos, which are well known to adapt to new technological updates and trends very quickly. Considering that NFT is massive in the online gaming world, it’s pretty much a matter of time till esports betting starts to include it. However, major casinos, like this Canadian online casino, are reluctant to incorporate new technologies just for the sake of it, considering their reputation is a very important factor. With that being said, they still don’t offer crypto payments, so NFTs may be long down the way.


Is World Ready for NFT Games?

The awareness and massive popularity of NFTs are fueling a general demand for them. The world has been ready for NFT for quite a while now. Honestly, we have already seen many business leaders, celebrities as well as high-profile artists cashing in on the phenomenon. 

It can be noted that a growing base of users is showing an affinity to both decentralized assets and virtual gaming and that blockchain technology has never been more diverse and scalable than it is right now. 

With NFT’s numerous and unique applications, it seems like only the tip of this technology has been explored. As the popularity of NFTs continues to grow, it might give rise to more complex tokens allowing for the NFT market explosion. 

Many enthusiasts believe and predict that NFTs are the future of ownership and that all types of property will eventually be tokenized in this fashion. At last, if people can play something valuable to them, why would they choose to play in a game where there is no value?


Problems with NFTs

It would’t be fair to list only the benefits of NFT games, without addressing the downsides. As you already know, nothing is perfect, including NFTs. They have some advantages but also some downsides, and it’s up to the individual to weigh out and make an ultimate decision.

Generally speaking, it is not sustainable to have a game where every player has the goal of extracting as much value as possible while contributing as little as possible. The thing that will actually allow an NFT game to break into the mainstream once and for all is the ability to combine amusing gameplay with unique play-and-earn incentives. 

At last, another issue with blockchain games is payment fees that can eat up a considerable portion of a gamer’s revenue, as well as the fact that the user experience hampers the adoption of blockchain-based games.