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6 things to do throughout the year to reduce the taxes you owe and a new leadership book teaches women how to succeed ‘without hurting men’s feelings’

6 things to do throughout the year to reduce the taxes you owe

Here are some maneuvers that are especially useful at the end of the year.

Do this for less than 10 minutes a day to prevent disability as you age

This low-impact exercise steps up health, and for minimal cost.

Before I give my fiancée a $7,000 diamond engagement ring, I want her to promise to bequeath it to my daughter

This man wonders whether it’s a good time to raise the delicate subject of death and diamonds with the woman who is set to become his third wife.

The other side of March Madness: How college sports expose a lack of diversity

In the Power Five conferences, athletes account for a disproportionate share of black male students overall.

CBD is coming soon to a SoulCycle near you

Though legal questions remain, gyms are touting the pain-relieving benefits of CBD, and athletes are buying it.

Flights to Europe are now 15% cheaper. Here’s where to go for deals.

It’s less expensive to pop across the pond this spring.

4 red lines to avoid financial disaster, according to a New York bankruptcy judge

The Hon. Margaret Cangilos-Ruiz advises taking these steps, but some are more critical than others.

You talkin’ to me? Money-coaching apps are using tough love to scare spenders

Chatbots are talking people into being better with their finances.

Thousands of students who say they were scammed by their schools applied for debt relief — they’re still waiting

New data indicate a backlog of claims.

A new leadership book teaches women how to succeed ‘without hurting men’s feelings’

Writer and comedian Sarah Cooper, author of the book ‘How to Be Successful Without Hurting Men’s Feelings,’ offers ‘non-threatening’ strategies for working and thriving in a man’s world.

The 1 thing the parents in the college-admissions bribery scandal got right

Their kids need a college degree. Just maybe not a fancy one.

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Trump Today: President calls on Democrats to help fix asylum system as he repeats border threat

President Trump on Monday called on Democrats to help reform the U.S. asylum system, as he repeated a threat to close the U.S.-Mexico border over undocumented immigration.

Here’s what it would take for users to give up Facebook for a month

Researchers ran the experiment in an attempt to figure out how to account for the value of new and free goods in the digital economy.

Beto O’Rourke says he’d require his cabinet secretaries to hold town hall meetings

The monthly town halls would be “not just to answer questions but to be held accountable,” the Democratic presidential hopeful said Monday.

John Oliver slams the Mueller report and the WWE

The “Last Week Tonight” host said Trump was “not fully exonerated,” and called out working conditions for WrestleMania wrestlers.

This is the real reason why the U.S. economy isn’t in recession danger now

Credit crunches cause recessions — and the Fed isn’t raising interest rates, write Ed Yardeni and Melissa Tagg.