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Canada ICI Acquires MFCI Capital in Montréal

TORONTO, July 22, 2021 /CNW/ - Canada ICI Capital Corporation, a trusted partner in Canadian commercial real estate finance, is pleased to announce its acquisition of MFCI Capital of Montréal, Quebec.

"Montréal is a highly-specialized Canadian market," says Dale Klein, CEO at Canada ICI. He explains, "This acquisition allows Canada ICI to hit the ground running with market-proven expertise supported by established relationships that go back 35 years. As experts in the Canadian commercial real estate industry, we understand that Quebec is a relationship province, and strategically important for our existing clients."

The acquisition of the Montréal office fulfills Canada ICI's mission to provide our investor clients with high-quality loan opportunities. As described by Canada ICI Managing Partner, Brandon Kot, "Our investor clients will benefit tremendously from the access to high quality loan opportunities in the Quebec region and will benefit from the new Montreal CICI team's market-specific expertise−the same expertise that our clients have grown to rely on in our other Canadian markets."

Canada ICI is committed to the values of integrity, hard work, and dedication. Through this acquisition and by partnering with former colleague Tommaso (Thomas) Marcantonio and his talented team, the firm is marrying its traditional values to the youthful energy and progressive ideas that were fostered by the Montréal office. Today's younger members of Canada ICI will be the firm's leaders tomorrow, and this move allows Canada ICI to continue to develop future leaders. With this acquisition, the future looks bright.

"This acquisition is not about growing for the sake of growth. Canada ICI is reuniting with a partner who understands the nuances of doing business in Quebec, and with whom we share the same values. This move is based on a former partnership with Tommaso and with the MFCI office in Montréal that was very successful. It aligns with our organic growth strategy that allows us to scale our culture in a positive way as we have in other markets," states Doug Milne, a Canada ICI Managing Partner.

Rick Bachalo, President of Canada ICI, shares this final thought regarding what the acquisition means for the firm, saying, "Tommaso and his Montréal team are at the forefront of commercial mortgage financing in Eastern Canada. They're a great complement to Canada ICI, with our existing offices in Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, and Ottawa, and now Montréal. It's a perfect fit."