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26 Essential Pizza Places in Montreal

With its large and impassioned Italian community (as demonstrated following Italy’s Euro Cup victory), it’s no surprise Montreal is home to plenty of great pizzerias, including many wood-fired Neapolitan options, and a few spots for Roman-style al taglio, too.

And while it’s not as well-known as certain regional styles (say, New York, Chicago, or Detroit), Montreal has its own style of pizza that goes a little something like this: medium to thick crust, ringed with pillowy air pockets, a layer of sweet to savoury tomato sauce, scatters of thinly-sliced mushrooms, pepperoni, green peppers, and a generous pile of melted mozzarella.

Along with the vanguard of old-school Montreal-style ‘zas found in all corners of the island, and all the Italian classics, the city now also boasts some newer arrivals serving up foldable Manhattan-style slices; ultra cheesy, crisp-edged pan pizzas; and even one that’s recently converted to an all-vegan menu. This map gives some love to them all.